Automation Department

Everything about us means experience, an experience valued and harnessed by more than 30 graduated classes. Today, over 600 students attend the specialization lectures that cover a large application spectrum of the acquired knowledge.

The teaching staff, prepared to a high standard, successfully interweaves youthful enthusiasm and experience, the age average being around 39 years. The passion for discovery, experiment and study, the continuous desire to be a part of the technological development and growth, and the openness toward interpersonal communication are the strengths of our representatives.

What will you learn with us? Several examples are listed, next:

  • Computer Aided Process Control
  • Application Oriented Programming Languages
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Process Modelling and Simulation
  • Electronics basics and electronic circuit design
  • Robot Control Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Data Transmission


Above all, the Automation field represents a form of knowledge. The term describes one of those areas that luckily intertwine dedication and professionalism, and the joy of understanding the interaction complexity between system components, created by man or nature, at micro and macro scale .

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