Cyber-Physical Systems (in English) master's admission - September 2023

Cyber-Physical Systems master's admission, September 2023

Project proposal template (in English), only for the Cyber-Physical Systems master's candidates.


English language test:

  • - The test to obtain the English language certificate, required for enrollment in the Cyber-Physical Systems master's degree (in English), will take place Monday, September 11, 2023, at 12.00, in room 211, str. G. Barițiu 25, Cluj Napoca.
  • - Those who hold international language proficiency certificates should bring the original and a copy of the certificate, on the same date and location, for validation by the TUCN's Department of Modern Languages.
  • - According to the TUCN Fees Regulation (in Romanian), to participate in this test, the fee is 50 lei for TUCN graduates and 100 lei for graduates of other universities. Have the receipt with you.
  • - More info (in Romanian).


Available places for our master's programmes.


More information on admission to the master's program is available at:


Please check this page periodically to stay up-to-date on how the admissions process is organized and conducted.
Admission committee secretary contact: teodora.sanislav[at]


Admission calendar:

  • - Candidate registration: September 11 - 12, 2023 (last day until 2:00 p.m.) (online, on the platform dedicated for this purpose,
  • - Interview: September 14, 2023 (according to the schedule displayed after the application period)
  • - Preliminary results: September 14 - 16, 2023
  • - Appeals submission: September 15, 2023 (until 1 p.m.) (will be formulated and sent to the email address: contestatiiadmitere[at]
  • - Appeals resolution: September 15, 2023 (after 1 p.m.)
  • - Post-appeals results: September 15, 2023 (evening)
  • - Place confirmation: September 18, 2023 (until 2:00 p.m.) (onsite, at the Department of Automation's Secretariat, room 350, G. Barițiu str. no. 26-28, Cluj-Napoca)
  • - Final results of the autumn session: 18 September 2023 (evening)


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